1. Send Your Cards

Use a trusted postal service to send your cards to the address provided on the entry form. (make sure to include the form in the parcel).  If you would prefer we can arrange collection/delivery of your cards.


2. Sell Your Cards

Once received, we photo your cards & catalogue them for our next monthly auction. Here people will use easylive, an online bidding platform to purchase your items & we take care of the rest. 


3. Paid For Your Cards

We pay you straight into your bank account once your cards have sold. This will take 7-14 days, you will receive notification of this via email. 

( be sure to provide us with your BACS details on the entry form).


When you consign items to one of our auctions you’re trusting us to achieve the best hammer prices whilst delivering a 5* service. 

We know how important it is to be in the know- that’s why we keep you up to date every step of the way. 

You send your cards to us in the post or contact us to arrange collection/delivery, making sure to include the entry form which can be downloaded using the button below. Once we receive your cards we will send you an email receipt to let you know they have arrived safe with us. All of your cards are fully insured in our care and stored safely until they are sold. 

Once we have received your items we will carefully value and catalogue them ready for the auction.  All valuations will be pre-approved by you and we will be happy to discuss adjustments on your behalf, such as reserve prices and descriptions.

The day before our auction is due to start we will send you out a pre-sale advice. This will be a fully detailed list with everything you've entered in to our sale- just so you can be sure it is all correct before the bidding begins! 

After the sale you will receive a post-sale advice. A similar document, but this time it will be complete with all your achieved prices. 

Payment for your items will be made 5-10 working days following the end date of the auction directly into your bank account. 

Our standard commission rates are 12.5% + VAT, this is deducted before we make payment for the items sold on your behalf. There are no extra hidden fee's whatsoever so it simple to keep track of how much you will be paid after the auction. 

Still unsure or want to find out more?

We are available via email or telephone 7 days a week and will be happy to assist you in anyway!